WS Social Media Policy


Wellness Solutions welcomes everyone to access, enjoy, and participate in our social media and community events. WS actively participates in FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, & Twitter. All are welcome to like, friend, share, and follow our content. If you find our social media publicly then you are welcome to participate, share, engage, and get involved!

Wellness Solutions also supports community activities, such as, clothing drives, food drives, abuse recovery and education activities, suicide prevention and awareness programs, and no stigma awareness and advocacy. We invite everyone to participate in WS community activities -current, former, perspective clients and members of their support systems, and all members of the community-Welcome.

We encourage participation to be respectful and inclusive. We cultivate a culture of diversity, inclusion, and positive presence for everyone.

We advise all clients to reference our social media policy contained in the intake documents signed upon admission if you have any questions.

Though it may seem like common sense, we recommend everyone be aware that participation in social media invites privacy and confidentiality concerns which everyone should be aware of and make one’s own decisions regarding his or her comfort level when they engage in online activities.