WS Admission & Appointment General Information

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    New Client & Readmitting Client Intake Process:

    Welcome and thank you for choosing WS! We are grateful you chose us to be a part of your journey. Namaste!


    • At WS we believe that receiving care should be accessible, easy, transparent, and organized.
    • We provide extensive information and resources to assist clients make informed decisions about their therapeutic journey so they can feel empowered, informed, and direct their care.
    • We are aware that healthcare and especially behavioral healthcare is not a field that generally has a reputation for friendly customer service. One of the barriers to providing customer service in behavioral health is the inherent challenge yet significantly important requirement to maintain respect and adherence to privacy and confidentiality ethics and laws. 
    • WS strives to provide our clients with seamless, compassionate, and understanding care throughout the course of care while maintaining safety in the therapeutic environment with our ethics, privacy standards, laws, values, and philosophy. WS has the goal of providing a positive and friendly client experience by making every client contact directed to the unique and individualized needs and preferences of each person. 
    • If you read through this information and have questions regarding the WS Intake Process please email [email protected] or submit your new client appointment request via the WS Admission & Appointment Request Form and include your questions in the online form.   
    • The  WS New Client Appointment Forms must be completed to receive care. There are three new client appointment forms. All three must be completed to be admitted. 
    • Our appointment intake and scheduling process is 100% paperless for your convenience.
    • All WS Intake Documents are available on the website and completed on your phone, tablet, or computer in private and at your convenience. All online forms are HIPAA compliant and encrypted to provide you with privacy and security. 
    • All WS Intake Documents are automatically emailed to the client upon submission of an online form. 
    • All WS Intake Documents are available 24/7/365 to ensure that clients who have questions can reference these resources and information at any time throughout the care process. 
    • The WS appointment scheduling, billing, and communications processes are 100% online in order to avoid cumbersome and difficult phone tag and to ensure privacy, information security, and convenience.  
    • WS clients can communicate with WS Team members in many ways for your convenience and ease of access to care. 
    • We establish consistent regular standing appointments to provide stability in your schedule and ensure that accessing care is convenient. 
    • WS also offers text and email appointment reminders to assist with accessing and maintaining consistency in care. If you would like to opt out of appointment reminders you can at any time. Clients who choose to have”bounce” appointments or who choose not to have standing appointments are responsible for contacting WS to schedule appointments. WS will periodically outreach clients based on schedule availability. If a client does not receive outreach for scheduling an appointment or does not receive an appointment reminder the client is responsible for his or her care. WS offers outreach and reminders as a courtesy and is not an excuse for a client not living up to his or her responsibilities. 
    • WS officers a “3 Freebie Flake Out Appointment Forgiveness Policy”. We believe that real life happens to real people. We also believe that everyone has a tough day, gets sick, or forgets what day it is. Therefore, WS allows clients to have 3 broken appointments prior to charging for missed appointments. This is a significant departure from the standard procedure of most counselors. In most situations if a client misses an appointment, no shows an appointment, is late for an appointment more than 10 minutes, or cancels/reschedules an appointment with less than 24 hours notice AKA a “broken appointment” then the client is charged the full and complete cost of the session-regardless of the reason for the broken appointment. At WS we offer a 3 broken appointment forgiveness policy. Once a WS client has 3 broken appointments the client’s credit card on file is charged for the session. It is important to know that insurance does not allow for missed appointment claim submissions. The charge for the session is the full fee of the session and not the copay, coinsurance, or allowed amount. Clients who exceed their 3 freebies will be charged for their broken appointments. 
    • For additional information please review the following links:  WS Counseling, Coaching, & Psychotherapy, WS ServicesWS Admission & Appointment FAQ  
    • Due to privacy and confidentiality concerns, WS cannot check insurance eligibility and benefits prior to the onset of care and the client completing all intake documents. Therefore, WS provides information to empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding their care. 
    • If you are requesting readmission to services please make sure to provide any information that you feel may be helpful, such as, requesting a specific clinical staff member. 
    • WS will not accept appointment requests or information requests unless the individual making the request has the legal right to request services for the prospective client. Therefore, a spouse, parent, grandparent, step-parent, or other support system member is NOT permitted to submit appointment requests for adult clients. Also, step-parents, grandparents, or other support system members are NOT permitted to request an appointment for a minor whom he or she does not have legal custodial guardianship of. 
    • WS REQUIRES ALL MINORS to have BOTH PARENTS SIGN the WS Intake Consent Form. There are no exceptions. 
    • WS REQUIRES ALL MINORS who are under custodial guardianship / custody decree / custody orders / adoption orders etc to provide the aforementioned legal documents prior to initiating care. This is Texas law. This is required. There are no exceptions. For additional information please click on the following link: WS Minors With Contested Consent & Custody Policy
    • Please make sure that you check your own benefits first as we cannot check benefits for someone who is not a client. Also, if you have questions regarding insurance, billing, fees, or sliding scale please visit our website at the following links WS Insurance & Sliding Scale General Information or WS Insurance Process General Information as these questions and answers are addressed in detail on our website. 
    • For additional information on how to contact and communicate with WS please click on the WS Contact & Connect with The WS Team link or the tab on the side navigation panel of our website.

    STEP 1: Submit the WS Online Appointment Request - 

    Contact WS and we will get started collaborating together! Once we receive your appointment request via the online form we will review the information provided to determine how we can best serve your needs.  

    • The individual completing the form will receive an email confirming the receipt of the request and a copy of the submitted document.
    • Please click on the following link to submit an online appointment request: WS Admission & Appointment Request Form 
    • WS Team members will make every effort to respond and reply to your online appointment request within 3-5 business days via email. This email will include helpful information and instructions including how to complete the WS Admission New Client Appointment Forms.
    • Your schedule availability will influence the quickness we can schedule a new client appointment. The more schedule flexibility a client has the greater the chance we can accommodate your request and offer a new client appointment. 
    • If WS is not able to offer a new client appointment than the appointment request will expire after 14 days. 
    • WS does not send a notification or communication to indicate that an appointment request expired. Therefore, if you do not hear from us then we were unable to offer an appointment based on the schedule availability provided by the client.
    • We are not able to respond to inquiries regarding the status of appointment requests or intake documents. 
    STEP 2: Complete & Submit the WS Intake Documents - 
  • Please complete ALL 3 of the WS Admission New Client Appointment Forms - The Admin Form, The Billing Form, & The Consent Form. These documents take approximately 20 minutes to complete online and do not require downloading or printing and scanning. 
  • For clients who are under the age of 18 the following forms are required - The Admin Form, The Billing Form, & 2 Consent Forms. BOTH parents are required to sign the consent form. For client requesting couples or family counseling ALL members of the couple/family are required to complete ALL 3 of the WS Admission New Client Appointment Forms.
  • Once ALL intake documents are completed and submitted than WS Team members will review the documents, determine if WS is able to provide a new client appointment, and outreach the client via email with possible appointment times and helpful information. 
  • The client will receive an email acknowledgement confirming receipt of each of the online forms completed that includes a copy of the information provided. 

    • All client intake documents are accessible via our website. Simply click on the following link WS Admission New Client Appointment Forms and complete the online forms. 
    • All WS Client Intake Documents are 100% paperless. There is no printing, no paper, and no fuss. We respect your time and make every effort to create an experience that is simple, easy, and convenient. 
    • WS will NOT provide an appointment until ALL WS INTAKE DOCUMENTS ARE COMPLETE! 
    • We do NOT send our client documents in a format where they are printed, filled out, and signed with paper and pen.    
    • If you do not want to complete the WS intake documents or if you do not want to complete the online forms we respect your choice, however; we will be unable to accept you as a client. There are no exceptions or exclusions to properly completing the intake documents. This includes completing the intake documents incorrectly, providing incorrect or false information, or refusing to provide required information on the intake documents. This also includes a refusal to provide insurance information, a credit card on file, or provide proper identification such as a driver's license.
    • WS does not “guarantee” an appointment. Individuals who submit appointment requests and intake documents are not guaranteed an appointment.
    • All appointment requests expire after 14 days. If you do not hear from WS after 14 days of submitting an appointment request of intake documents than the request has expired. We are not able to respond to inquiries regarding the status of pending appointment requests. 

    STEP 3: Patient Financial Responsibility Information - 

    Once A New Client Appointment is Confirmed then WS Team members will complete an insurance eligibility and benefits check for clients who are using their insurance benefits. The insurance eligibility and benefits check is be uploaded to the WS Patient Portal. 
  • We will check for eligibility and benefits if you plan on using insurance benefits. We will upload the result of the eligibility and benefits check to the patient portal for you to view. 
  • WS does not check insurance eligibility and benefits prior to receiving all documents completed, signed, dated and have a confirmed appointment. (Checking benefits requires the information contained in the intake documents including permission to check benefits.) 
  • We encourage prospective clients to check eligibility and benefits with their insurance company to be an informed consumer regarding the benefits and policy provisions your insurance covers. We will conduct an eligibility and benefits check and post those results to the client portal. 
  • All WS client may obtain information regarding insurance, billing, and scheduling via the WS Patient Portal any time 24/7/365.
  • All client can update insurance, demographics, and credit card on file information via the WS Patient Portal any time 24/7/365.
  • Throughout the course of your care WS Team members will email clients regarding their insurance eligibility and benefits information. 
  • Clients who would like information regarding insurance and billing information can check the WS Patient Portal.


Please arrive at our office at the time of your appointment. There are two waiting areas on the first floor of the our office building. There are pictures of the exterior and interior of our office building and both reception areas which you can view by following the following link: WS Location & Directions. 

PLEASE BE AWARE: As of March 2020 ALL WS Client Appointments are Telehealth ONLY! Due to COVID-19 WS is providing all appointments via telehealth. Please see below for additional information. 

  • Feel free to make yourself comfortable in one of the reception areas and your clinician will greet you and show you to our office suite. 
  • Sessions begin at the top of the hour and are 45 minutes in duration. 
  • Your clinician will request to put your credit card on file at the beginning of your first session. This is the credit card that will be charged for care. If you need to change or update your credit card on file you can do so via the patient portal or by requesting to update your information with WS Team members. WS accepts all major credit cards with the exception of American Express. WS does not accept cash, checks, or any other form of payment. WS requires all clients to maintain a credit card on file to cover all expenses incurred throughout the client’s care. (If you forget to place your credit card on file in your first visit then WS Team members will follow up after your appointment to place the credit card on file or you can place your credit card on file using the WS Patient Portal
  • All WS clients receive a client satisfaction survey via email after each session. We welcome feedback and seek out and encourage all of our clients to give us insight into your client experience. 
  • If you are the parent of a minor who is attending his or her first appointment then please present with your adolescent for the first session. We generally prefer to split the first appointment time in half with the parent and adolescent together for the first part of the session and then spending the second part of the session with the adolescent client.

STEP 5: Concurrent Care - Scheduling Standing Appointments - 

  • WS staff will contact you to check in and provide wellness outreaches. 
  • WS staff will also contact you via email and text to set up standing appointments or recurring appointments to establish a regular and consistent day and time. 
  • We find that clients prefer to have a structured and consistent schedule with their appointments to avoid the hassle of scheduling appointments each week or every other week. Once you confirm a standing appointment you can always change your standing appointment as needed. We care about the services you receive and your continued satisfaction throughout your WS experience so all clients receive patient satisfaction surveys via email after every appointment. We are always striving to improve and meet your needs so we welcome all feedback.

WS Turnaround Time Expectations for Communications:

  • WS believes in providing proactive and transparent communication with clearly defined expectations, goals, and positive healthy relationship boundaries. Please keep in mind that the Wellness Solutions, LLC staff are in session during normal business hours which is why we have a very strong preference for communications through email, text, and the patient portal that we can attend to after clinical hours and between sessions. 
  • WS has the turnaround time expectation of 3-5 business days with most communication requests. (The WS Team goal is to respond and reply to most communication requests within this time period.) WS will respond to the following communication channels with priority: Online Form Requests, Email, & Text.
  • WS Team responds to phone requests, especially requests for live calls with a 7-10 business day turnaround time expectation in most circumstances. WS Team may reply to a live call or voicemail with an email or text depending on the request. Please be aware that phone contact is the least efficacious communication channel and it is recommended to communicate via email or text for a quick response. WS staff receive in excess of several hundred calls per week. Therefore, live calls are attended to with the highest concern for current clients in urgent or emergent situations. If you call WS and do not hear back from staff than please review the website as the question you are asking is available on the website. Please do NOT call and leave multiple voicemails regarding the same issue. This can cause delays and confusion in attending to your concerns. We provide extensive information on our website to empower individuals to make well informed decisions. 
  • WS documentation requests, such as, requests for letters, receipts, school/work excuses have a 10-14 business day turnaround time depending on the nature of the request. 
  • WS clients can call and leave messages for WS Team anytime 24/7/365. Please make sure that you leave your full name and the full name of the client (if different) and the date of birth of the client in your message.
  • WS clinical documentation requests can only be made by the client and no other individual for any reason. If you are a business or healthcare provider and you are requesting clinical documentation than please be aware that this request can only be made by the client himself or herself and no one else. WS will not release clinical documentation to third parties. WS will not respond to requests for clinical records from a third party. WS does not recognize consent to release information documents from outside organizations. If you represent a business, healthcare provider, or attorney and contact WS to request clinical documentation your request will not receive a response. WS respects and honors the privacy, confidentiality, and privilege of client information. 
Important Tips:

  • Current clients have the ability to utilize self-service requests via the website, submit requests and updates through the patient portal, and to communicate with WS staff via email and texting. (WS does not accept communications via text with individuals who are not current clients.)
  • WS cannot accept client communications via WS social media due to privacy and confidentiality reasons.
  • Please do not "robo-call" or "blast" appointment requests and communications. We attend and triage our messages with special attention to current clients, emergent and urgent client concerns, and safety risks. We strive to respond to current client communications in a timely manner.
  • All of our appointments are scheduled in advance. 
  • We are not able to accept "walk in" appointments. 
  • Out of respect for the time of our scheduled clients please do not present to our office to request an appointment. 
  • If you are in a situation that rises to the level of urgency and need that requires an immediate appointment and cannot wait please review our website Emergency Information and Emergency Resources.
  • If you are in a situation that rises to a level that requires an appointment within 3-5 days than please consider an evaluation to a facility based level of care that provides immediate services. 

How To Communicate with the WS Team - 

WS are here for your! We are VERY ACCESSIBLE! We are available to help and there are many ways to communicate with WS!

  • We communicate with our established clients in the following ways: 
    • Main Number - 713-893-3989
    • Scheduling & Billing - 713-893-3989
    • Admin Email - [email protected]
    • Billing Email - [email protected]
    • Clinical Email - [email protected]
    • Patient Portal - WS Patient Portal Clients can access information regarding their appointments, account, and update insurance and demographics in the patient portal.
    • We are also available via direct messaging through the patient portal.

Wellness Solutions, LLC COVID-19 Information:

WS client sessions are telehealth only as of 3/13/2020.  ALL client sessions are telehealth for all WS client sessions at this time. Telehealth sessions are via online meetings that are HIPAA compliant, secure, and confidential. Telehealth sessions in limited circumstances are also telephonic. 
We will provide additional information and updates based on how the situation develops. 
Insurance carriers are covering telehealth sessions and WS is credentialed as an in network provider for telehealth sessions with private insurance.  
The cost of telehealth sessions is NO different than standard session fees for insurance or sliding scale.  WS is able to submit telehealth claims to insurance.  
The entire WS new client intake process can be completed online seamlessly utilizing the online intake documents and appointment request forms found on our website.  
For telehealth sessions a client will receive an email with a link just prior to each appointment. The client clicks on the link in the email and then enters the meeting. There is no software to download. There is no user profile set up. In the event there are technological difficulties WS has two back up options for appointments and if necessary we can also provide sessions via telephone if the online meeting modalities are having problems.  
 We will obtain your credit card on file during the first client session for the patient responsibility of telehealth sessions.
We will obtain your credit card on file during the first client session for the patient responsibility of telehealth sessions. 
Please be aware that WS appointment reminder system does provide the WS office address even though we are providing services through telehealth. 
For detailed information regarding WS telehealth sessions including specific instructions regarding the telehealth appointment process please click on the following link: 

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