New Client Intake Process

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New Client & Readmitting Client Intake Process:

1. Welcome and thank you for choosing WS! We are grateful you chose us to be a part of your journey. Namaste! 

2. New and readmitting clients are welcome to request an appointment via our website clicking on the appointment request tab and completing the online form, via email with the following contact information [email protected] , or calling our office 713-893-3989. We strongly recommend submitting new client appointment requests via the website online form or via the aforementioned email. 

  • If you have been referred be a current or former client or a special referral source please make sure to inform us of this in your new appointment request. 

  • We respond as quickly and attentively as possible. 

  • New appointment requests are screened and triaged based on the information provided in the request. The turn around time expectation for a response to a new appointment request is dependent on multiple variables though we strive to reply or admit new clients in approximately seven to ten business days. If we are not able to provide a new client appointment in this time frame we will waitlist the request for thirty days. We encourage all individuals seeking a new client appointment to continue pursuing care if they are waitlisted as we do not want anyone to delay medically necessary treatment. We do not hold new appointment requests on the waitlist longer than thirty days.

  • Please do not leave multiple voicemails or send several emails with new client appointment requests. Multiple requests for new appointments do not receive priority responses and may cause unnecessary delays. Also, please ensure that new client requests contain all of the information requested for efficient and timely processing of your request. 

  • We attend to our messages with special attention to current clients and former clients. 

  • We certainly value and appreciate new referrals and prospective clients! We also maintain a strong sense of commitment and responsibility to our current and former clients. We do not treat our clients like a bunch of cattle-herding them through a cookie cutter treatment model and treating them like numbers and not individuals. Therefore, we stagger our admissions and we give priority time, attention, and care to the clients we have committed ourselves and our clinical responsibility to help. 

  • Due to the time and attention, as well as, availability that we offer to our clients we exercise discernment with the number of new clients we admit each week. We recognize this may provide some initial delays for individuals seeking a new client admission and are sincerely apologetic to that regard. Our commitment to be available and focused on individualized client care means that we maintain a careful and considerate attention to detail with current clients and attend to new admissions based on our ability to properly offer them an exemplary quality of care.   

  • We triage all communications based on need, risk, safety, and availability given the obvious constraints with limited information.

  • All of our appointments are scheduled in advance.

  • We are not able to accept walk in appointments out of respect for the time of our scheduled clients.

  • Due to confidentiality and privacy reasons we request that new or readmitting client requests are managed via our website, email, or phone. Please do not present to our office requesting an appointment as the therapeutic environment is for current clients and their support system which have completed the intake process and understand the necessity of privacy in the therapeutic environment.  Presenting to our offices without an appointment is discouraged as staff will be attending to scheduled clients and will not be available to address appointment requests. Please be considerate as this is disruptive to the healing environment and to our clients who have scheduled appointment times. 

  • If you are in a situation that rises to the level of urgency of need that requires an immediate appointment and cannot wait please review our website regarding emergency information and emergency resources. 

  • Outpatient counseling and psychotherapy is a level of care for those who can maintain safety and at least a minimal stability in functioning. In the event a new client appointment is requested and the new client has a severity of safety, risk, symptoms, or functional impairment that requires greater urgency of need for care than our admission process allows we strongly recommend considering a higher level of care or pursuing treatment with an outpatient provider who can make a new client appointment in a more timely manner. 

  • We care about your ability to receive relief from your suffering. If we are not able to meet your needs based on the commitments and responsibilities that we have to our active client base than we want you to receive the care you need even if that means we do not have the privilege of serving and helping you on your journey. 

  • All clients who have not had a clinical appointment in two months or 60 days will be requesting readmission to care. (We realize that is not that much time to be considered discharged from care and a readmission. This is a best practice standard of care for outpatient practice.) 

3. We will reply or call back to obtain basic information, follow up, and connect. If the schedule availability and services requested match with a clinician who can accommodate your needs we will send the intake admission packet or the readmission packet.

  • Our intake documents are all e-sign online documents which are completed using a phone, tablet, computer, or mobile device. We are a green friendly office; therefore, our documents are all completed online and are not printed, filled out, and turned in.

  • The intake documents are extensive and take considerable time to read and complete. We consider the comprehensive examination that completing these forms includes is an opportunity to explore and gain insight.

  • We believe in being thorough, with an attention to detail, so we can get to know you as an individual with respect, compassion, and understanding of your life, your hopes, your objectives, and your goals.

  • We also believe that providing complete informed consent and education regarding what to expect and how things work is imperative to empowering our clients to participate actively and in collaborative decision making.

4. Once we receive all information completed, signed, and dated then we will review the information and reply with possible appointment dates and times. We will also send an invitation to the client portal and enable appointment reminders via text and email.

5. When we confirm an appointment together then we will check for eligibility and benefits if you plan on using insurance benefits. We do not check insurance eligibility and benefits prior to receiving all documents completed, signed, dated and have a confirmed appointment. (Checking benefits requires the information contained in the intake documents including permission to check benefits.) We encourage you to check eligibility and benefits with you insurance company to be an informed consumer regarding the benefits and policy provisions your insurance covers. We will conduct an eligibility and benefits check and post those results to the client portal. This is also where you can obtain receipts and other important information.

6. We schedule appointments weekly for the same day and time or standing appointments to ensure consistency, stability, and commitment to the time and process of your treatment journey. Standing appointments can be changed as schedules do vary throughout the course of care. We offer standing appointments to help our clients conveniently commit to treatment without having the stress or scheduling an appointment with a different day and time every week. Once a consistent standing appointment is agreed upon that time belongs to the client until he or she chooses to change that time. Please keep in mind that days and times that are in high demand such as Monday through Friday after 3 PM may have increased challenges to accommodate. 

7. Welcome to the Wellness Solutions community! The therapeutic journey is not linear. It can be complex and complicated, as well as, full of growth, progress, twists, turns, upward and downward spirals - throughout your journey we will be your team and your support system to accompany you. You are not alone. We are so thankful you have chosen to share your journey with us and we look forward co-creating your hopes, dreams, and goals for your positive and healthy future.

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