WS Philosophy



At Wellness Solutions we promote healthy lifestyle choices so you can live the life you want, in a body you feel confident with, and achieve emotional healing and peace of mind.

We encourage you to make positive choices to succeed in your goals and improve your life. We want to provide you with support, coaching, education, tools, and resources to help you make positive growth and become your best possible self.

Wellness: We believe that the mind, body, and spirit want to be in a state of homeostasis, or balance, free of emotional and physical injury. If we create the correct emotional and physical environment and provide ourselves with the right tools our bodies and minds will work toward stability and wellness.

Holistic: We believe that our clients are a whole person and all of their needs- physical, psychological, social, and spiritual should be taken into account in the treatment process. You are not your disease or your diagnosis. Our afflictions do not define us nor should they reduce us to being labeled. Whatever our challenges we also have strengths. A holistic approach means that we view each client as a total person and not a measurement of a lab value or a diagnosis code.

Individualized: We believe that treatment interventions should be based on each individual's unique needs, circumstances, challenges, and strengths. We take an eclectic approach to treatment because no one should be subjugated into one size fits all counseling.  WS provides quality of care and not "quantity of care". We dedicate and commit time for every current client in our clinician's calendars. We stagger admissions to ensure we provide time, attention, and dedication to our current clients throughout the care process. We do not admit a new client to our care unless we can make a thorough and complete time commitment to offer an appointment with consistency and responsibility. We value and respect our privileged position in the lives and care of our clients and believe our client's should be treated with respect for their therapeutic journey. Our clients are respected as individuals who are experts in their lives and are inviting us to participate in their journey. When we admit a new client we make a commitment to participate in their journey with authenticity and genuineness. We treat clients like unique individuals and not numbers, cases, or reductionist labels. 

Integrative: We utilize multiple areas of expertise among our clinical staff to provide a comprehensive treatment team. Among our clinicians you will also find a dedication and commitment to continued education to provide the leading treatments available. 

Person Centered: Clients and providers are equal partners who work in collaboration to plan, develop, implement, and monitor all aspects of treatment. This includes shared decision making and regarding objectives, goals, and the types of care used throughout the treatment process. The client's resources, strengths, values, preferences, and needs are part of the care plan to set a client up for success.

Respectful: We believe in treating our clients with respect and dignity. We listen to your concerns and give consideration to your needs and specific beliefs. Our clients have the right to self determine care and take an active role in the treatment team.

Solutions: The traditional Westernized medical model is reductionist and problem focused. This means treatment is concerned with problems, symptoms, and diagnosis. Our model for treatment is solution driven and focused on a client's strengths and goals. We believe in treatment that helps you succeed in the best possible outcome without causing additional injury. We believe that treatment should cultivate healing so that we achieve optimal functioning with the least amount of harm possible. We believe treatment should have more positive results than negative consequences. 

Strategic: Our treatment plan is designed to be effective and efficient to achieve maximum benefit, as well as, considerate of your time and financial constraints.

Strengths: Our care is provided based on a strengths based approach that holds all individuals as having the capacity to change given they have access to a conducive environment and demonstrate the willingness and commitment to work earnestly with motivation, personal responsibility, and perseverance to achieve one's goals.