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Wellness Solutions, LLC has provided outpatient counseling, coaching, & psychotherapy to The Woodlands and surrounding areas for 10+ years. Our team has  40 + years of combined professional and clinical experience. We embrace a diversity of educational, professional, and clinical areas of expertise. Our staff provide compassionate, understanding, and empathetic care. Wellness Solutions staff provide clients with individualized care and respect. Our clients are collaborative partners in care that receive professional, objective, evidence based treatment, recommendations, interventions, and support.  

Wellness Solutions embraces Person Centered Care where the client is the boss! Clients are the experts in their own lives and we are present on the client’s journey as guests and guides with expertise in counseling. Together the client (the expert on his or her life) and the counselor (the guide with expertise in counseling and psychotherapy) collaborate together, as a team, to establish objectives and goals based on the client’s expressed priorities. We understand the privileged place counselors hold in the lives of our clients and pledge to provide you compassion, expertise, and evidenced based quality care. 

● Person centered care values the client as the “boss” of the treatment team. The counselors provide information, education, resources, recommendations, interventions, and other types of treatment based on the client’s strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences (SNAPs). 

● Person Centered Care includes Engagement where clients actively participate in treatment including: Clinical work in session, Homework assignments outside of the session, and Using resources or technology to monitor progress. Engagement is active dynamic participation throughout every aspect of the treatment process including: Assessment, Treatment Planning, Treatment Implementation, Homework, Providing Feedback, and Treatment Activities. 

● In person centered care clients are the primary decision makers about the focus of care, how care is delivered, and the types of treatments utilized. Part of person centered care is educating clients about all aspects and options regarding care so that he or she is an educated decision maker. Educating clients to be informed, to be decision makers, as bosses of the treatment team, is called collaborative decision making. 

● Person Centered Care is about EMPOWERING you to be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in YOUR PERSONALIZED JOURNEY. does not just happen to you because someone tells you what to do. Your journey is active- like a choose your own adventure book- based on the expertise and collaboration in consultation with your fellow team members. 

● Wellness Solutions also embraces Trauma Informed Care (TIC) which shares many aspects of person centered care. TIC emphasizes client empowerment and the client being in control of his or her process. TIC also includes sensitivity and empathy to addressing a client’s personal pain and suffering in a respectful manner. All trauma includes a boundary violation (of some type) and having one’s personal power and control taken from them. Therefore, Wellness Solutions is attentive to client empowerment. We believe that there are too many things that are outside of our control that we must learn to accept. Your healing journey is not yours if we control your process. Wellness Solutions encourages and supports you to control your healing. We help educate clients about boundaries, assist them develop assertiveness and other skills to enforce boundaries, and provide a safe platform to take your power back. 

● Wellness Solutions uses a positive psychology perspective where individuals are understood as people not merely labeled with a reductionist diagnosis. Caring, respecting, and treating a person, as a person, means developing a considerate and mindful relationship with a foundation of honesty, genuineness, integrity, and authenticity. We are not only interested in what is wrong. We are also interested in your strengths, hobbies, and interests. We believe that our role includes assisting you to achieve your best self and not merely to label you with a diagnose and treat symptoms. This means we need to get to know you as a person - a holistic integrated person and not a problem or diagnosis code.