WS Ethics


Wellness Solutions upholds our codes of ethics and professional conduct throughout every aspect of care. We are strongly committed to supporting social and cultural diversity, including humanitarianism, social justice, and human rights.

Wellness Solutions honors and respects individuals from all social, cultural, ethnic, gender identification, and sexual orientations. We believe in the positive impact and enrichment from multiculturalism and neuro-diversity. We view all people as deserving of respect and possessing positive strengths which contribute to our community.

Wellness Solutions upholds the following professional ethics codes and professional standards:

Wellness Solutions upholds to the overarching ethical principles as stated by The American Counseling Association:

  • Autonomy: Fostering the right to control the direction of one's life

  • Beneficence: Working for the good of the individual and society

  • Fidelity: Honoring commitments, maintaining trust, and fulfilling promises

  • Justice: Treating people with equity and fairness

  • Non-maleficence: Avoiding all actions that may cause harm

  • Veracity: Acting with truth and honesty