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Welcome to Wellness Solutions! 

WS is your home base to make life changes and explore your goals. Sit back and make yourself cozy. Review our website and feel welcome to get to know how we can provide you with the support you need to create the life you want. When you chose WS you have a team of "personal change experts" who are experienced professionals in mental and behavioral health, counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy - all dedicated to your success and wellbeing. If you seek helpful healers and compassionate guides to help you achieve peace of mind, develop insight, to explore a path to authentic engagement in your relationships, and discover your strengths while learning new skills then -Welcome Home!  We have been holding space for you to start your change adventure. We are grateful you are here and look forward to participating on your journey. Kindly review the WS website and explore how we can begin to collaborate together.  

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Wellness Solutions provides counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families seeking new, innovative, and, strategic ways of thinking, feeling, relating, and understanding their lives and relationships. WS serves clients who are 13 years of age and older. We provide services to treat mild, moderate, and severe mental health concerns, substance use, eating issues, stress management, and problems of everyday living.  

WS teaches coping skills, boundary setting techniques, communication skills, and helps clients identify their strengths, hopes, and values so they can make actionable changes in their lives. We help people having difficulty coping with stressors and struggles that are affecting their inner peace and quality of life. We create a trusting and healing presence to help people improve their lives, careers, and relationships. 

WS serves "normal" people struggling with the extreme stressors, complexities, and complications of our everyday lives. Sometimes we seek counseling to learn how to cope with our own concerns while other times we seek help to learn how to cope with those who cause difficulty and complications in our lives so we can find our personal power and take back control. WS staff are "personal change catalysts" who act as your "wingman" (or wing person) to overcome challenges and barriers that cause stagnation - preventing your personal growth. 

WS provides support, feedback, recommendations, and new skills while offering objective, direct, and honest perspectives. At times we will offer fair, polite, and direct truths to both provoke and promote our clients to confront how they participate in their own unhealthy cycles of behavior.  

We help our clients examine their lives with different perspectives in order to find new solutions. We believe that our role as healers includes providing our clients with the education, skills, and understanding to take action and control of their lives. WS respects our clients and their personal and private suffering and pain from abuse, addiction, neglect, compulsive behaviors, abandonment, rejection, traumatic experiences, dysfunctional family cycles, codependency, and unhealthy or maladaptive behaviors. 

WS honors and admires the courageous paths of our clients who actively engage in change while overcoming their fears and struggles. The change process can feel overwhelming, daunting, and force us to re-live and examine experiences, feelings, and behaviors that cause us shame, guilt, and pain. We believe that no one should feel alone on their path towards growth and healing.  

We are here to help. We are open-minded, non-judgmental, and accept all of our clients with unconditional positive regard. We recognize that change requires commitment, insight, self-reflection, personal questioning, and honesty with oneself that is both vulnerable and strong. We build trusting relationships with our clients based on understanding, integrity, and compassion. 

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Wellness Solutions strives to empower personal growth and healing. Our clients who have experienced traumatic events or experienced abuse in relationships or their families are supported, empowered, and receive assistance re-framing their victimization into survivor-hood. Trauma recovery and resolution are characterized as a process of healing that takes place throughout the lifespan. 

We educate clients to help them identify abuse, manipulation, triangulation, and other forms of relationship red flags. Teaching clients how to make sense of their experiences while learning how to protect themselves in the future is a integral part of recovery and trauma informed care.

WS therapeutic values focus on resilience, helping clients understand themselves through personal strengths, while empowering clients to take back their personal power and take control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

Wellness Solutions uses an eclectic approach to counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy believing that healing should be personal and individualized to each person’s unique needs, values, and goals. We strive to augment an individual’s strengths and to encourage and cultivate these traits to create solutions. Individuals are understood as a person rather than focusing on their problems, symptoms, or diagnosis.  We collaborate together with our clients and their support system to identify areas of concern, develop action orientated solutions, and to facilitate positive changes and personal growth.

Wellness Solutions utilizes best practice standards for outpatient treatment and evidenced based care approaches provided by educated, experienced, and licensed clinicians who demonstrate professionalism, empathy, and compassion. 

We view our clients as experts on their lives. 

We define our role as catalysts for change and to guide the therapeutic journey.  -We listen, support, educate, advocate, and offer clear direct objective feedback and interventions.

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WS uses an integrative approach that combines the Western medical model along with holistic recommendations, and the inclusion of multi-disciplinary treatment providers. 

WS believes in understanding our clients in a holistic manner which means identifying strengths and not being reductionist or objectifying by focusing on symptoms, problems, or diagnosis. 

We are more than our symptoms or problems. We are complete people who deserve to be understood and respected as individuals.  

Our clinical values include establishing a supportive and trusting relationship with our clients, getting to know our clients as people, and understanding the personal worlds of our clients so that we can  provide individualized, customized, and personalized care. 

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Based on a client's needs we may recommend healthy lifestyle changes, such as, changes to one's schedule or developing time management skills or we may encourage a client to pursue new activities or interests. We also may recommend books, articles, apps or other media to augment skills developed in session. 

Additional recommendations may include referrals to outside consultants including nutritionists, primary care physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, endocrinologists, and other healthcare professionals to help clients receive the best possible care. WS provides services that are based on best practice standards and strong scientific principles of assessment, intervention, treatment, and client care. WS utilizes treatments supported with evidence, research, and science. 

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Wellness Solutions uses mindfulness based techniques, person centered values, and empirically validated interventions to help clients develop insight, awareness, and increased control to regulate emotions and behaviors. 

Counseling can include validating one’s feelings, thoughts, ideas, and behaviors or confronting self-defeating beliefs and ideas. Clients may be challenged to overcome barriers, confront patterns of behavior that perpetuate unhealthy cycles, develop new skills, and create actionable change in their lives.

The therapeutic process may include developing personal insight, exploring hopes and goals for the future, practicing strategic decision making skills , improving communication, assertiveness, and boundary setting skills, as well as, identifying patterns of feeling or thinking that cause difficulty.

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WS supports treatment and believes in making care accessible and affordable to all people. We have a range of payment plans for clients who have insurance that are in network, out of network, or for clients who do not have insurance. Finding a provider that is a good fit for you is difficult. Finding help that is a good fit, accepting new clients, and affordable can be overwhelming.  WS accepts most major private insurance and also offers sliding scale fees for services for clients who do not have insurance. We provide extensive information regarding insurance and billing options available to empower clients with information and transparency throughout the care. Please review the information contained on our website to help you learn and understand the best option for you. 

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