WS Contact Information

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We strive to make ourselves available and accessible to our clients. We provide multiple communication options for convenience and ease of accessing services. 

Please use the following resources to contact Wellness Solutions: 

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 We recommend contacting us via the Patient Portal, email, or website for the most expeditious reply to requests. 

Current clients may text the WS Direct Team Numbers. We text with CURRENT CLIENTS ONLY. We will NOT reply to a text message from a number we do not recognize and have not confirmed to belong to a current client. If you are a discharged client or have not had a client appointment in 2 months / 60 days then we will not respond to a text message from your number. Please do not contact us via text if you are not a current client as we will not reply. We also do not respond to crisis or emergency texts under any circumstances. These are rules are in place for privacy, confidentiality, and safety for everyone. 

Please use the following resource to navigate the WS Main Number Menu 713-893-3989: 

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Wellness Solutions has a 24 hour 7 day a week 365 day per year live answering service!!!

To access our answering service please call the main number 713-893-3989 and choose option 0. 

This is an answering service and does not provide 24/7/365 counseling. Our answering service will answer your call live and take your information. Our answering service does NOT have access to client files, client information, or clinician calendars.

Wellness Solutions, LLC does NOT provide emergency services. Wellness Solutions, LLC does NOT provide 24/7 access to staff members or services of any type or for any reason. If you are in an emergency situation or if you need immediate assistance for clinical access or interventions then please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. 

Wellness Solutions, LLC monitors, records, and archives all phone calls, faxes, voicemails, text messages, emails, e-sign documents, website communications, video conferences, instant messages, Client Portal messages, and all other methods of electronic communication for safety, ethical and legal compliance, and HIPAA compliance. All calls and communications are recorded.

Everyone who chooses to communicate with Wellness Solutions should be aware that though WS is HIPAA compliant and makes every effort to communicate via secure firewalls and encryption your personal email and texting may not be secure. Therefore, it is important that each individual make a personal decision regarding his or her comfort level with any and all form of electronic communications as Wellness Solutions, LLC is not responsible for communication channels not supported by WS platforms and services. 

Despite our best effort to secure electronic communications, everyone who communicates with Wellness Solutions, LLC is advised that electronic communications always have some risk of security breaches and there is no guarantee of complete and total information security. Everyone communicating with Wellness Solutions, LLC is advised to make informed decisions regarding the manner in which he or she chooses to communicate with our staff. 

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