WS Client Documents and Forms

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New & Readmitting Client Documents:

Click on the links below to complete the WS Intake and Readmission Documents. We look forward to hearing from you. Please reach out and let's get started!

All WS documents are 100% paperless smart forms. No printing required. Simply click on the link and complete the form. We will receive your information and contact you within 3-5 business days. To speak with someone live 24/7/365 you can call our main number 713-893-3989 and choose option 0 to be contacted with out answering service.

Make sure you complete your ABC's. The New & Readmitting Client Intake Packet is separated into three sections. The Admin, Billing, & Consent Forms are separated because - who needs to sign what depends on the age of the client and type of services you are requesting. 

Our "smart forms" have conditional logic branching which means that the way you answer one question will determine which questions you are subsequently asked. This makes things a little tricky when creating our forms but it saves time and energy so you do not have to answer questions that do not apply to your situation. Everyone must sign each of the three forms but the forms are set up to try and make the best use of your time and to collect the information that is relevant to you. We respect your time and make every effort to create an experience that is simple, easy, and convenient. 

Technology is great when it works! When it doesn't work it is just stressful! If you have any technical challenges PLEASE let us know and we can send you direct links via email. 

WS Admin Registration Form

WS Billing Registration Form

WS Consent Registration Documents