WS Admission New Client Appointment Forms

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How To Complete The Client Intake Documents:

  • Make sure you complete your ABC's. The WS Admission New Client Appointment Forms are separated into three sections. (The Admin, Billing, & Consent Forms are separated because - who needs to sign what depends on the age of the client, guardianship, and type of services you are requesting.) 
  • All adult clients must have an Admin, Billing, & Consent Document Signed. (AB&C)
  • All Minor client must have an Admin, Billing, & Consent Document Signed by one parent AND a Consent Document Signed by the other parent. (AB&C and C)

WS Admin Registration Form

WS Billing Registration Form

WS Consent Registration Form

Intake Documents FAQ:

  • We do NOT send our client documents in a format where they are printed, filled out, and signed with paper and pen.  
  •  If you do not want to complete intake documents or if you do not want to complete the online forms we respect your choice, however; we will be unable to accept you as a new client. This includes completing the intake documents incorrectly, providing incorrect or false information, or refusing to provide required information on the intake documents.
  • You will receive an email confirmation for each completed online form. The email confirmation will also provide you with a PDF copy of the completed online form. 
  • We will receive your information and contact you as soon as we are able to provide you with a new client appointment. For detailed information please see the information on our website regarding the new client intake process. If we are unable to provide an appointment within 14 days than the request will expire because the schedule availability of the client was not consistent with the schedule availability of clinical staff. 
  • For minor clients - BOTH PARENTS ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN THE CONSENT FORMS! There are no exceptions. You can find this information by clicking the following link WS Services to Minors with Contested Custody and Consent Policy . In short, we apologize for any inconvenience obtaining the consent of both parents may require. It is certainly not our intention to be intrusive to your personal relationships or family dynamics. Texas law requires that we complete a thorough attempt to obtain proper informed consent with due diligence and ensure that anyone who is providing consent for treatment of a minor for non-emergent mental health services does so. We are merely following the state law by ensuring that we are providing care to a minor that has the consent of the guardians who are permitted to give that consent. In the event there is no custody decree in place by the courts it is imperative that we have documentation to substantiate we made every effort to include both guardians in the consent process. If you feel uncomfortable with this intake requirement we understand your apprehension and respect your decision to choose another provider.