WS Admission & Appointment Request Form


Click on the link below to complete the WS Appointment Request Form. We look forward to hearing from you. You can feel confident reaching out and taking the first step knowing we specialize in helping our clients recover, heal, and transform their lives for the better. Please reach out and let's get started! 

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Appointment Request Form

  • All WS documents are 100% paperless smart forms. No printing required. Simply click on the link and complete the form. Our intake is 100% online and can be completed 24/7/365. Once we receive the appointment request and all of the intake forms we will contact you if an appointment is available. 
  • To expedite the new client intake process you can submit the above WS appointment Request Form AND complete the new client intake online forms also available via the website at the same time. 
  • There are 3 new client intake online forms and all three of them must be completed- The Admin Form, The Billing Form, and The Consent Form. 
  • If the new client is under the age of 18 then The Admin Form, The Billing Form, and TWO Consent Forms are required. The consent forms must be completed by BOTH parents. This is the law and we cannot make exceptions. Both biological parents are required to provide consent for treatment. 
  • If you are requesting couples or family counseling then ALL members of the family/couple are required to complete the intake documents since they will all be clients. 
  • Please make sure that you review the new client information on our website to address any questions or concerns regarding accessing our care. We believe that knowledge is power and we empower our clients by providing as much information as possible to assist you in participating in your healthcare decisions.
  • WS provides email and text contacts throughout the admissions process. Upon completing an appointment request and the intake forms you will receive an email receipt to confirm that your form was submitted. The email receipt includes a copy of the signed form for you to keep for your records. WS also sends email and text information to provide follow up on the status of the forms we received and to help you prepare for your first appointment. WS also sends emails to help you prepare for telehealth sessions, as well as, information regarding appointment scheduling. WS does not provide information regarding the expected wait for an appointment, how many people are ahead of you for an appointment, or why an appointment was not able to be offered to an individual client. Further, if you do not hear from WS after 14 days of the submission of an appointment request then WS was not able to offer an appointment. WS does not contact individuals who have appointment requests expire. If you request information regarding your expired appointment WS will not respond to these inquiries. WS focuses on client care to ensure that we devote  our time and attention to our clients which means we do not provide communication regarding appointment requests that have expired. 
  • WS emphasizes quality of care and not "quantity of care" which means we stagger new client admissions. We make every effort to help everyone we are reasonably able to provide care for and help. We also ensure that we admit new clients whom we have a dedicated time in our clinical calendars to serve. This allows our current clients the reassurance that they will receive the time their situation deserves with compassion and attention to detail. Conversely, this may result in WS not being able to admit all clients who request an appointment. WS cannot "guarantee" an appointment to everyone who requests an appointment or completes intake documents. WS makes every effort to accommodate as many requests as we can within reason.  It is out of respect and dedication to our current clients and the importance of the therapeutic relationship that we do not treat client cases like 'numbers' instead of people. We believe in the privileged position of the therapeutic relationship in the lives of our clients and only accept new clients when we can dedicate the time needed to provide care throughout the therapeutic process. Many who provide open admission may be faster to provide a first appointment but scheduling subsequent appointments with consistency can be challenging. For this reason we stagger admissions and accept clients when we can dedicate and commit to the case with consistency, quality, and responsibility. Additionally, we recommend that individuals pursuing care continue to do so until they are able to secure and confirm an appointment in order to avoid an unnecessary delay of care that could lead to continued suffering while waiting for an appointment.  WS takes a careful and considered approach to each client's individual journey as part of our values, philosophy, and ethics. We will make great effort to help our clients and to try and be instruments for healing as a calling. Our decision to stagger the admissions process is a direct result of the quality of care we emphasize in care. We accept that this may result in limiting the number of new clients we can admit and believe that our client community finds comfort and value in our commitment to their healing process.

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