WS Admission & Appointment Request Form

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Click on the link below to complete the WS Appointment Request Form. We look forward to hearing from you. You can feel confident reaching out and taking the first step knowing we specialize in helping our clients recover, heal, and transform their lives for the better. Please reach out and let's get started! 

WS Admission & Appointment Request Form

All WS documents are 100% paperless smart forms. No printing required. Simply click on the link and complete the form. Our intake is 100% online and can be completed 24/7/365. Once we receive the appointment request and all of the intake forms we will contact you if an appointment is available. 

To expedite the new client intake process you can submit the above WS appointment Request Form AND complete the new client intake online forms also available via the website at the same time. 

There are 3 new client intake online forms and all three of them must be completed- The Admin Form, The Billing Form, and The Consent Form. 

If the new client is under the age of 18 then The Admin Form, The Billing Form, and TWO Consent Forms are required. The consent forms must be completed by BOTH parents. This is the law and we cannot make exceptions. Both biological parents are required to provide consent for treatment. 

If you are requesting couples or family counseling then ALL members of the family/couple are required to complete the intake documents since they will all be clients. 

Please make sure that you review the new client information on our website to address any questions or concerns regarding accessing our care. We believe that knowledge is power and we empower our clients by providing as much information as possible to assist you in participating in your healthcare decisions. 

  • We communicate with our clients in the following ways: 
    • Main Number - 713-893-3989
    • Scheduling & Billing - 713-893-3989
    • Admin Email - [email protected]
    • Billing Email - [email protected]
    • Clinical Email - [email protected]
    • Patient Portal - WS Kareo Patient Portal Clients can access information regarding their appointments, account, and update insurance and demographics in the patient portal.
    • We are also available via direct messaging through the patient portal.

Wellness Solutions, LLC COVID-19 Information:

WS client sessions are telehealth only as of 3/13/2020.  
ALL client sessions are telehealth for all WS client sessions at this time. 
Telehealth sessions are via online meetings that are HIPAA compliant, secure, and confidential. 
Telehealth sessions in limited circumstances are also telephonic.  We will provide additional information and updates based on how the situation develops.  Insurance carriers are covering telehealth sessions and WS is credentialed as an in network provider for telehealth sessions with private insurance.  
The cost of telehealth sessions is NO different than standard session fees for insurance or sliding scale.  
WS is able to submit telehealth claims to insurance.  
The entire WS new client intake process can be completed online seamlessly utilizing the online intake documents and appointment request forms found on our website.  
For telehealth sessions a client will receive an email with a link just prior to each appointment. The client clicks on the link in the email and then enters the meeting. There is no software to download. There is no user profile set up. In the event there are technological difficulties WS has two back up options for appointments and if necessary we can also provide sessions via telephone if the online meeting modalities are having problems.  
We will obtain your credit card on file during the first client session for the patient responsibility of telehealth sessions.  
Please be aware that WS appointment reminder system does provide the WS office address even though we are providing services through telehealth.  
For detailed information regarding WS telehealth sessions including specific instructions regarding the telehealth appointment process please click on the following link:

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