Jenny Baker LPC-I

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Jenny Baker MA LPC-I 

Jenny Baker MA LPC-I earned her BA in American Sign Language / Deaf Studies and American Sign Language-English Interpreting with a minor in Psychology at Maryville College in 2015. She then earned her MA in Professional Counseling with a specialization in rehabilitation Counseling from Stephen F. Austin University in 2018. She has more than five years of professional experience working in diverse settings with clients who have mental health, developmental, and medical concerns that require support and assistance for rehabilitation and life skills. Jenny has experience working within the school setting, rehab setting, home healthcare, and at the outpatient level of care. She has also for Tri County Behavioral Healthcare as an ACT Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist. Jenny Baker MA LPC-I is under supervision for licensure with Dr. Le'Ann Solmonson LPC-S in the state of Texas.

Jenny is a self-described “introverted adventurer” with a fresh positive vibe. She is a dynamic problem solver and is direct, insightful, and realistic. Jenny is a certified Job Trainer and Job Coach. She assists clients understand the complexity of neurological processes and how these processes effect their emotions and behaviors. 

Jenny's approach includes positive collaborative therapeutic alliances with clients while providing education, resources, and skills to improve their lives. Clinical sessions give clients practical skills based in logic and personalized for their needs. She believes that a client should leave each session with information, skills, and tools to provide an immediate positive impact with their concerns. Jenny enjoys assisting clients with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, bipolar disorder, trauma recovery, and acute stress episodes. Jenny has experience in the treatment of mild, moderate, and severe mental health and substance abuse treatment. Jenny has experience treatment adolescent, adult, and geriatric clients. 

The LPC-I Designation in the State of Texas

The LPC-I status is analogous to a physician in residency where one has completed their academic requirements and is earning clinical hours and receiving supervision prior to full and complete independent licensure. An LPC-I in the State of Texas has completed a bachelors degree, master's degree, master's practicum, passed the National Counselor Exam (NCE), and has approval by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors to pursue independent licensure which generally takes between 18-24 months. Understandably clients who are unfamiliar with counseling terminology mistakenly think that the intern designation means that an LPC-I is still in their master's and has not completed their education which is not the case. There is consideration to change the name of this designation as it causes confusion too many people in the public. 

Jenny Baker MA LPC-I is under supervision for licensure with Dr. Le'Ann Solmonson LPC-S in the state of Texas. 

Jenny is Accepting New Clients for a Sliding Scale Fee

Jenny is now accepting new clients who request discounted sliding scale fees for outpatient mental and behavioral health services. Jenny’s sliding scale fee for services is $65.00 per session. Jenny is not credentialed with private insurance. 

If you would like counseling, coaching, or psychotherapy services and do not have private insurance or have found it difficult finding a provider then please contact Wellness Solutions main number or submit an appointment request form. 

A Welcome & Introduction From Jenny Baker LPC-I

Hello! I look forward to working together as a team to identify your struggles and develop a collaborative personalized plan for you to begin transforming your life from struggle to optimal living. 

As a therapist, I am supportive and empathetic while providing alternative perspectives and encouraging honesty. I work with my clients to establish realistic, achievable goals and come up with creative solutions to address barriers to success. I celebrate small success with my clients on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. 

I value the empirical evidence based clinical approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT has many practical and effective applications for a variety of challenges that we face and allows for maximum effectiveness with the ability to be flexible and adaptive in many circumstances. My clinical style and professional clinical relationships can be described as Person-Centered and strengths-based approaches. I believe in being solution focused and helping clients discover their possibilities instead of limitations. 

I enjoy working with individuals with mental health, substance abuse, and disabilities. I also enjoy working with individuals who are struggling with educational challenges, job transitions, stress management, and life adjustments. Through my training as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, I know how much job stress can impact one’s mental health.

Clients would describe my type of therapy as being open and accepting while working together as a team. I see the therapeutic relationship as a safe space for clients to discuss whatever is on their mind without fear of judgement. I work with clients to understand their perspectives as thoroughly as possible on any given issue in order to approach a topic in ways that the client can relate to and understand. 

I am a certified sign language interpreter by the Board of Evaluation for Interpreters in Texas. My areas of expertise include American Sign Language interpretation and rehabilitation for clients with disabilities and brain injuries. 

My hobbies include pretty much anything outdoors: camping, hiking, kayaking, swimming, skiing, and SCUBA diving! I also enjoy going to CrossFit, reading, listening to and finding new music, and being creative.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Jenny please complete the WS Appointment Request Form .

If you are a CURRENT client and would like to request an ongoing appointment please click here for WS Jenny Baker Online Booking . When you click the online booking link you will be redirected to request an appointment. Once you request an appointment the WS admin staff will review the appointment request and approve the appointment. If the appointment cannot be approved then our admin staff will contact you to schedule an appointment. 

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