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   To receive additional information or schedule an appointment for individual, couples, or family counseling and psychotherapy please fill out the form  below. 

Please include the following information in your message to ensure timely handling of your request:  

1. What is your first and last name and your relationship to the individual seeking treatment?

2. What is the first and last name of the individual seeking treatment? (If different then above.)

3. What is the age of the client?

4. What is the type of service requested? (Individual, Couples, or Family Therapy)

5. What is the chief concern or area of life needing assistance? (For example: Depression, anxiety, or relationship concerns) 

6. Is this request for a first appointment, on-going appointment, & readmitting appointment? (Individuals who have not had an appointment for 2 months / 60 days are considered readmissions to care) 

7. How did you find us? What is your referral source? 

8. What is the treatment seeker's schedule availability for an appointment? (This is important when determining if our clinical staff have schedule availability that meets the needs of the individual requesting admission.)

9. Are you currently in any type of treatment or under the care of a mental health professional? Have you been under the care of a mental health professional in the past 3 months / 90 days?

10. What information would you like us to know that you feel is important?

If any of the aforementioned information is missing then this may cause delays. 

For helpful information regarding the WS intake process please review the New Client Intake Process page on our website. The information contained on our website will assist, empower, and help you understand our intake process. 

We have comprehensive information included on our website to provide peace of mind throughout our clinical delivery process. We provide this with the intention of guiding clients and members of their support systems throughout the therapeutic process. The majority of all questions can be answered via our website. We also have pre-recorded messages accessible via our phone system to assist with questions and other inquiries. Wellness Solutions also has a 24/7/365 answering service for general questions and assistance if you are unable to find the information you seek on our website or phone system. 

Once you complete the Request an Appointment Today form below you will be emailed a confirmation stating that WS received your request. Please check your spam folder in the event you do not receive a confirmation within ten minutes. 

We will contact you if we have the schedule availability that match your request within the next seven to ten business days. 

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