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What to Expect

Wellness Solutions
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f you are a new or perspective client please read the below information to acclimate yourself with Wellness Solutions.

We are pleased to provide care in a professional and caring atmosphere with services that other providers do not offer, such as, outreach services, reminders for appointments, and availability in between appointments from your clinician. Please read through “What to Expect” and see why Wellness Solutions provides elite wrap around services that you cannot find anywhere else.



  • Wellness Solutions is located in the “A” hallway of the Pines Crossing office park at the corner of Nursery Rd. and Budde Rd. in The Woodlands.
  •  Please come in and feel welcome to relax and acquaint yourself with the healing environment. The office is decorated to help encourage a feeling of comfort and warmth. The waiting room and offices are carefully arranged to provide a relaxing and tranquil setting.
  • There is complimentary bottled water in the refrigerator. We also have client appreciation events and activities.



  • We intend to create comfortable and soothing atmosphere to promote an attitude of healing.
  • We also host groups, classes, and seminars on topics such as relaxation, work life balance, stress reduction, mediation, mindfulness and nutrition.
  • Please sit down and make yourself comfortable. Dani will be with you at the time of your appointment. We schedule our clients at the top of every hour. Appointments last between 45  minutes. Most of our clients are once per week, however; as clients progress in their care and improve we wean sessions down to every other week and once per month. It is strongly recommended clients establish standing appointments within the purview of their schedules to ensure you maintain consistency in your care.
  •  Dani cares about her clients. She provides all her clients with her private cell number so she can be an available resource to them if they need to contact her in between appointments. She believes in providing a caring and healing presence for her clients who are under her care and therefore offers her availability for more than the time clients are “on the clock”.
  • Melissa is the scheduler and front office manager for Dani and Wellness Solutions. She is available via phone, email, or text messages. As a response to our clients request and needs we utilize all forms of technology to stay connected with our clients. We have found that our clients prefer friendly discrete outreaches via text so as to avoid phone tag. However, we also maintain contact with our clients via email, phone calls, FaceBook, and Twitter. You can also view Dani’s resume, licensure, and certifications via LinkedIn.  
  •  As a service and a courtesy to our clients Melissa sends outreach texts to all clients on Monday via text message. She also will send a text the day before your appointment as a friendly reminder.
  • Though we enjoy providing this additional service and outreach to our clients we also believe in personal responsibility. Therefore if a client does not receive an outreach for any reason it is the client’s responsibility to take ownership for their own treatment and request an appointment. It is also the responsibility of the client to live up to their commitment for the time they have scheduled. If a client cancels, no shows, or reschedules an appointment without 24 hours notice then they will be charged for the full fee of the session.
  •  If you are a new client you will be provided with your paperwork at the time of your session or you may print and download the information from our website under the “Forms” tab and bring it with you.
  •  Please remember to bring your driver’s license and insurance card to your first appointment. Also, minors are required to have a parent or guardian present for their first appointment to review paperwork, office policies, and billing procedures. If the minor has divorced parents then the parent with primary custody must be the guardian who consents for treatment. We also require that a FULL copy of the most recent divorce/custody agreement be provided at the first date of service. State law does not allow step-parents of adults who do not have custody to consent for non-emergency healthcare services. Therefore, we need to ensure that the adult who is consenting for treatment has the legal right to do so. We recognize this may be cumbersome and apologize for that a head of time, however; it is required in order for us to be confident we are following the law.
  • Wellness Solutions, LLC uses an electronic health records system (EHR) which allows us to provide automated appointment reminders via text and e-mail. Our EHR also has a "client portal" where our clients may update demographics, take objective tests, provide update and feedback to staff, and review their account.
  • In order to ensure we maintain your privacy and confidentiality we use encrypted e-mail, password protected electronic devices, and use the most up-to-date HIPAA certified EHR possible. We want you to feel confident and comfortable that every aspect of your care is thoughtfully and carefully respected.
  • At Wellness Solutions we believe that client education is of paramount importance to developing the skills to achieve therapeutic goals. Therefore, we maintain contact with our clients through social media, our website, and through events that we host to continue self-development, inspire personal insight, and continue to assist our clients post discharge.
  • We respect how difficult taking the initiative toward wellness and peace of mind can be and therefore make every attempt and consideration to be sensitive to our clients. Though therapy can be a challenging process we strive to be compassionate and understanding to your needs.

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