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Please read the AWESOME feedback from the client community at Wellness Solutions!!

"My husband and I were very lucky to find Danielle. She was so helpful during our darkest hour. I don't know what we would have done without her." 

"Dani’s holistic approach has really helped me achieve the goals and progress I was hoping for in counseling. She is open to my spirituality and includes my values in my treatment. I feel respected and valued as a client.”
“Dani has helped me identify and make changes to my life…in a lighthearted and compassionate way. I always feel heard and understood by her and I appreciate how she makes herself available when I have gone through difficult times. “
“I feel Dani has guided me through some very hard times. She encourages me to make healthy decisions for myself and my child. I really like how she cares about my individual values and integrates them to make my counseling sessions unique to me. I feel so much better when I leave then when I come in. It is like I get an opportunity to have feedback on the challenges I face from someone that I know really cares about me feeling better.”
“Dani has guided me through so much…I feel that she provides me with reassurance and peace of mind. I feel that she cares about me and my life and genuinely wants to see me happy. I really like how she is able to remember so many things about my life without looking back at my chart. I always tell her that I feel she really listens to what I say and how I feel. I feel like I matter to her and I receive individual attention and not “cookie cutter counseling.”
“I really love counseling with Dani. I rely on her for support and I know that she is invested in me feeling my best and living my best life. When I have gone through bad times she will contact me in between sessions to outreach and make sure I am alright. I have been to other therapists before and ended up not coming back because I didn’t feel like I was a person to them. I was just a client. To Dani I am someone she really wants to see succeed.”
“Dani is so enthusiastic and great to talk to. I know that I can say anything to her and feel understood and never judged. I like how she cares about me even when I have not always made positive choices she does not focus on the negative. She makes therapy something I enjoy even when I am talking about the hard stuff. I feel like I learn and grow because of counseling and that I am so much better off because she is my counselor.”
“Dani is my counselor because I needed someone in my life to give me clear and direct feedback. I like how when I ask a question I get an honest straightforward answer. I also like how she tries to be available to me and stay connected in between sessions through her website and FaceBook. When I have asked for resources on certain topics she will post it so I can learn about my sessions during the week and discuss it at our next session. I really like how she and Melissa are flexible and make an effort to see me because I have a really busy schedule.”
“Dani has been such a gift to me and my family. I just love the changes I have seen in my daughter since she has started seeing Dani. It has improved my relationship with her and we have a much more peaceful household. I think that Dani has a great personality that is authentic and matter-of-fact.”

"I appreciate how Dani is so understanding and compassionate. I have been seeing Dani for a year and my life is so much better now than it has ever been. I believe that Dani has a lot to do with that. She has been direct when I was making unhealthy choices but she was always non-judgmental. She has been an advocate for me when I needed someone to teach me how to assert myself. She has also been very ethical and moral. During times when I needed help she would see me for a sliding scale until I got on my feet. I know that Dani is now a counselor because it is what she does for a living it is because she is a healing person that cares about other people."


That best portion of a good man's life; his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love. 
William Wordsworth 

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